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Buk - Accommodation - Hungary - Western Transdanubia

     Eman Apartments

  Buk - Eman Apartments

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The town is situated at 27 kilometers from Szombathely at the Répce-river plains.
The village was first mentioned in charters in 1271, and its famous church was built in the 12th century.
In 1461 the village was known by the name of Vinchefalwa Byk. This corresponded to the Vinczlőfalva-Bik, which is now called Felső-Bükk.
In the autumn of 1957, an investigation was made to establish the presence of oil in the region, but a hot water spring was found. The town built a bath in 1962. Later they found out that the water was medical water so a new bath was erected in 1972.
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3 chalet blocks, open to the public since 2002, provide 6 apartments to accommodate 2-4 guests.
Each bedroom contains a double bed, wardrobes, dressing table. Each living room is equipped with a pullout bed and satellite television.
Each kitchen section is supplied with cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils for 4-6 people, hob, sink, refrigerator, coffee and tea making facilities.
There is 1 apartment equipped to accommodate 4-6 guests that has two bedrooms as well as a pullout bed in the living room. The rooms are fitted with environmental friendly pine furniture.

Capacity: we can host in total 30 people
  6 apartments each for 2-4 person
  1 apartment for 4-6 person

  Each apartment has its own parking lot
  Each apartment has a terrace with garden furniture
  Guests are able to use the sauna and hydro-massage steam cabin
     free of charges
  Each room has its own bathroom
  Thermal baths 2 km
  Children`s playground 20 m


Apartments for 4 people: In extraseason: 02.01.2010- 31.05.2010; 29.08.2010 - 21.12.2010
  1 night: 15000 HUF
  2-3 nights: 9800 HUF/night
  starting with 4 nights: 9000 HUF/ night

Main season: 15.06.2010 - 31.08.2010; 23.12.2010 - 03.01.2011
  1 night: 20000 HUF
  2-3 nights: 14500 HUF/night
  4-5 nights: 13500 HUF/night
  starting with 6 nights: 12000 HUF/ night

Apartments for 6 people:
In extraseason: 02.01.2010- 31.05.2010; 29.08.2010 - 21.12.2010
  1 night: 20000 HUF
  2-3 nights: 14800 HUF/night
  starting from 4 nights: 138000 HUF/night

Season: 15.06.2010 - 31.08.2010; 23.12.2010 - 03.01.2011
  1 night: 25000 HUF
  2-3 nights: 19500 HUF/night
  4-5 nights: 17000 HUF/night
  starting with 6 nights: 16000 HUF/night

For Promotions and Special Offers please send us a request to the mail adress:!

Contact:    Gál Tibor

Telefon: (0036) - 1 445 4594
Telefon: (0040) - 736 651 069
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Sights and Programs
  Szapáry Castle
  Curia Nagy Pal
  The Saint Kelemen`s Catholic Church, build in gothic style

  Sports Hall and the city's Culture House provides cultural and sports
     events all year round

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    Buk Eman Apartments

    Buk Eman Apartments

    Buk Eman Apartments

    Buk Eman Apartments

    Buk Eman Apartments

    Buk Eman Apartments

    Buk Eman Apartments

    Buk Eman Apartments

    Buk Eman Apartments

    Waiting for your request every day of the week
    in e-mail or fax.
    Accepting Your calls:
    Monday - Friday      09 h - 20 h
    Contact:    Gál Tibor

         Telefon: (0036) - 1 445 4594
         Telefon: (0040) - 736 651 069


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