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Hajduszoboszlo - Accommodation - Hungary - Northern Great Plain

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  Hajduszoboszlo - Marvany Pension

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Hajduszoboszlo is the third largest town in Hajdú-Bihar county, Hungary, 19 kilometres southwest of county seat Debrecen.
The town is located in the north-eastern part of the Great Hungarian Plain. Three regions meet next to the town: the Hajdúhát ridge from the north-north-east, the Hortobágy (Puszta) from the north-north-west, and the Great Sárrút and Berettyó region from the south. Szoboszló lies at a height of scarcely 100-110 metres above sea level and slopes down a little towards Hortobágy.
This is a landscape "where the earth and the skies meet", it is not a monotonous plain, not even for travellers accustomed to romantic mountains, sine here and there the landscape is enlivened by the backwaters of the Tisza river with patches of reed, thousands of wild fowl, and inviting groves. The surroundings are the renowned puszta, the "glorious plain".
The upswing of the town commenced from 26 October 1925, with the breaking up of the thermal spring. The medicinal water received an ever increasing role, and the town's development into a resort place started.
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Marvany Pension Family motel located in the center of town open all year around for resting and relaxing.
We are within walking distance to many of the towns attractions such as the Aqua Palace and the thermal baths.
Every age group can find acitivities that will allow for a restful or active vacation time.
We have 14 rooms with pine furniture. All our beds have MEMORI theraputic mattresses.
For your comfort each room has a refrigirator, mini-bar, TV, air conditioning and bathroom.

Accommodation: in 14 rooms we can host, in total 30 people

  All our beds have MEMORI theraputic mattresses
  Rooms with pine furniture
  Each bathroom is supplied with towels, liquid soap and hair dryer
  hair dryer
  The gated yard also has a terraced area for relaxing during the day
     or night.
  Grilling and outdoor cooking can be also be part of your stay here.
  The dinning hall is also available, up to 50 people, for private
     meetings, parties and get-togethers
  Live music can be arranged.
  breakfast is served from 7:00 - 10:00 am
  Lunch (a 3 course meal) is served from 12:00 to 2:00 pm
  dinner (3 course meal) is served from 6:00 to 7:30 pm
  guarded parking is available
  jade massage, body & foot massage, thia massage, aroma therapy,
     Finn sauna, 2 computers with internet

  Before seazon: 01.03-06.31: 9.000 HUF/room/night
  Before seazon for more days in a row: 01.03-06.31: 6.500 HUF/room/night
  Full seazon: 07.01-08.31: 14.000 HUF/room/night
  After season: 09.01-12.28: 9.000 HUF/room/night
  After season for more days in a row: 09.01-12.28: 6.500 HUF/room/night
  in the rooms there can be introduced 2 spare beds 3.500 HUF/night
  After season: breakfast 1.200 HUF/pers
  After season: lunch (a 3 course meal) 1.200 HUF/pers
  After season: dinner (a 3 course meal) 1.200 HUF/pers
  After season: pet 1.000 HUF/night
  After season: parking lot 500 HUF/day

Local tax is 450 HUF/pers/night (for persons under 18 years there is no tax.)

For Promotions and Special Offers please send us a request to the mail adress:!

Contact:    Gál Tibor

Telefon: (0036) - 1 445 4594
Telefon: (0040) - 736 651 069
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  Spare bed: 30% discount
  Children under the age of 12: 40%
  Groups above 10: 10%.

  Yearly organized festivities: Dixieland Days of Szoboszlo, Késely
     racing cup, Town Festivities, Aqua-park run, Biofood and Wine
     Festival, New Year's Eve Party
  Aqua-park - 150 m.
  Spa - 300 m.
  Swimming pool - 200 m.

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    Hajduszoboszlo Marvany Pension

    Hajduszoboszlo Marvany Pension

    Hajduszoboszlo Marvany Pension

    Hajduszoboszlo Marvany Pension

    Hajduszoboszlo Marvany Pension

    Hajduszoboszlo Marvany Pension

    Hajduszoboszlo Marvany Pension

    Hajduszoboszlo Marvany Pension

    Hajduszoboszlo Marvany Pension

    Waiting for your request every day of the week
    in e-mail or fax.
    Accepting Your calls:
    Monday - Friday      09 h - 20 h
    Contact:    Gál Tibor

         Telefon: (0036) - 1 445 4594
         Telefon: (0040) - 736 651 069


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