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Orseg - Accommodation - Hungary - Western Transdanubia

     Malom Pension

  Orseg - Malom Pension

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The lands of Őrség stretch in the South-Western part of the Vas County.
It is situated where the three borders meet.
This land reflects large patches of different colors: undulating hills change to valleys, undulating valleys were lift up to hills; where there's a diversity of pine and beech trees, fresh water brooks float in the valleys, on the hill tops the visitors find ancient settlements, churches from the era of the Árpád Dynasty fascinate the visitors.
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Both the location (in a green area), its size and equipped rooms (baby proof), indicate that the Malom Pension is the ideal place for family�s accommodation.
The Malom Pensions hospitable staff and its unique landscape guarantee the frequent return of its guests.

Capacity: we can host people in 16 single, double, triple, four, five and six bedded rooms

  Swedish buffet
  Safe parking lot
  Fish pound, swings, grill
  At 300 meters one can find the paradise of the fish pounds
  We accept holiday tickets, e'Points EUROREST ScieNet cards for
    the purchase of the accommodation.

Prices - 2009:
  Single room: 5000 HUF / person / day
  Double room: 4800 HUF / person / day
  Triple room: 4500 HUF / person / day
  In rooms with four or more beds: 3900 HUF / person / day
  Local tax: 150 HUF / day / person
For Promotions and Special Offers please send us a request to the mail adress:!

Contact:    Gál Tibor

Telefon: (0036) - 1 445 4594
Telefon: (0040) - 736 651 069
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  Free for children under the age of 4
  Groups benefit of a reduction of -25-30%
  Students benefit of a discount of 50%

  National Park Orseg
  Monuments from the 19th century
  The Robinson Pond
  The statue of Holly Stefan
  The reformed church
  The romano catholic church

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    Orseg Malom Pension

    Orseg Malom Pension

    Orseg Malom Pension

    Waiting for your request every day of the week
    in e-mail or fax.
    Accepting Your calls:
    Monday - Friday      09 h - 20 h
    Contact:    Gál Tibor

         Telefon: (0036) - 1 445 4594
         Telefon: (0040) - 736 651 069


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